Your Online Reputation

I recently read a very informative article in Forbes written by Ty Kiisel.  He cited several points about your online reputation.  It is good advice to be careful about what you say and do in public because you never knew who is watching.

As individuals and businesses, the need to manage and protect your reputation is very important and we need to pay careful attention to what we do.

Here are four tips that will help you effectively manage your online reputation:

Don’t forget your “brand” is displayed whenever you go on social sites.  Don’t put anything on social media that would poorly reflect on your personal brand.  Furthermore, be careful that anything you promote online doesn’t reflect negatively on your professional image.


If you argue online you lose.  It is pointless and will never get you anywhere.  At best it is a waste of time; at worst you look like an idiot.  “Fighting” on social media never goes away. It shows up in search long after the incident has otherwise been forgotten.


Be polite and remember the golden rule.  Regardless of the topic of conversation or how passionate you feel about it, if you are consistently polite and considerate online, you won’t go far afield.


Big Closing Point: Remember that what happens online stays online. The Internet never forgets. It pays to remember that every comment, every status update, every response is captured and stored on a server someplace so Google can link to it—and they do.

An effective social media presence involves a lot more than whether or not you have a Facebook or a Twitter account. Like any type of public interaction, it demands a thoughtful and strategic approach to make it work for you and your business. What’s more, before you jump in with both feet you should take the time to look strategically at what you’re doing and why.


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