YES, You can write your own book!

This article is a little different than my other posts but I thought you might enjoy it.  Recently I was with a group where the topic of writing one’s own book came up.   The consensus was that it would be very difficult to do and, even more diffiecult to find a publisher.  A few days later, I just happened to be with another friend,  David M. Shedd, and discovered that he had actually done just that, successfully wrote and published his own book.   It’s really a good business book titled: “Build a Better B2B Business”.    He graciously shared some  tips with me on how to do it and I would like to share them with you.  I think all of us has a book of interesting experiences that others would like to know about.  Here’s hoping these tips will get you started on the road to authorship.   For those of you who are business owners, a book about the wisdom you’ve gained in building a business is always welcome.  Maybe we could collaborate with things I’ve seen and learned as a CFO for a variety of interesting businesses.    What follows are David’s tips. . .

Five little tips for writing a book

  1. Just get started writing and create and stick to a writing schedule (say 2 hours a day –  every day)
  2. Write the book for your specific audience, but only put in it what you want.  In the end, you need to be proud of what you wrote even if nobody buys it.
  3. Unless you are famous, self-publishing is the way to go.  Your publishing house will not promote the book to the level you want.
  4. Writing the book is the tip of the iceberg, 90% of the work comes with the book marketing.
  5. The book is best as a calling card for other streams of income (speaking, consulting, seminars, coaching, etc.).  But, it is an extremely effective calling card and way to differentiate you from the rest of the pack.

 Ideas on how to get it printed

Check out ‘Create Space’ an Amazon company.  All their fees on listed on the site.  You have three choices; (a) get the exterior done, (b) get the interior re-formatted, or (c) both.  Simply submit your manuscript.  The base price is about $400 for exterior and $400 for interior.  It then costs nothing to list on Amazon and you can buy your own book directly (not through Amazon) for about $5 or so to sell out of the back of your car.  Take a look –

 An alternative company is called Lightning Source  But, it is a bit more technically challenging.

 Either will take about 6 – 8 weeks from signing up until the time the book is available.

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