In social situations, when I’m asked, “What do you do?” I reply, “I’m a B2B CFO®.” My counterpart often asks, “What’s that?”  Knowing that the simplest answer is best, I say, “I bring organization to businesses”.  To which he or she replies,  “Aren’t all businesses organized?”

No, some businesses are more organized than others…

No one should doubt that any organization, by definition, relies on its structure to function.  After all, the word organization is rooted by organize. Organization (structure) sure does make control easier, doesn’t it?

As I have often said, the most successful business owners, operators, executives and managers over the long run are those who are most accomplished at “bringing in the dollars”, and then knowing where they are and what’s being done with them – ALWAYS!

It is vital that any business has control over the revenue that it generates, and it is my role as a B2B CFO® to help business owners and operators – on a part-time, usually temporary basis, by providing the structure that ensures that the control is in the hands of the owners and not in the hands of persons who care less about the business than they do.

As the CFO, I must have my finger on the pulse of any function that makes or costs money.  I am responsible not only for Financial Management, including Reporting, Forecasting, Controls, Budgeting, Planning, Accounts Payable and Receivable (including Collections), and Audit Coordination (with both inside and outside auditors), Banking Relationships, Financing, General Management, Education and Training, and Operations, but also for Purchasing, Human Resource Management, Logistics, Administration, Union Relations, Risk Management, (including Environmental and Safety Compliance), and Governance. And I must have strong working knowledge of IT functions. And I must develop and implement the policies, programs and procedures that keep the organization running efficiently and under control of all of the functions named above.

My effectiveness as a B2B CFO® enables the client organization to address Marketing and Sales from a position of strength, so that the Owner or Operator can concentrate on maximizing profitability, and, thus, VALUE.

That’s what I do.














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