“What a Great Place to Work”

Every business owner dreams of having highly motivated employees that are dedicated workers.  But unfortunately these folks are not easy to come by.

The secret to having passionate and hardworking employees is pretty simple.  Make them happy.  Happy employees accomplished more work, and more revenue. But how do you do it?  Four things to do….

1.            Recognize.

Never let great work go unnoticed! If one of your employees does something extraordinary, congratulate her or him for a job well done. If you don’t, they will think that their efforts were unnoticed.

Give your folks credit for what they do. Employeesvare motivated by kind words.

2.            Reward.

Aside from verbal recognition, one way to motivate employees is through an employee rewards program of some kind.  Just make sure to set reasonable goals and requirements and that the program is fair to everyone.

3.            Create a positive work environment.

Employees are not happy if the environment they work in is full of negativity. Make sure that everyone communicates well with each other, and that they are all free to speak their minds. Discourage office gossip that could bring down morale.  Encourage fun things for employees to do.  There are many fun things for employees that will increase morale and productivity.  There are lots of great examples to follow – and not even spend money to do them.

4.            Communicate

Take time to talk to your people and understand their personal and professional goals. Getting to know your employees is essential for employee development and training. People are more likely to work harder, and dedicate time for their work if they know that their boss also cares for them.

By doing these four things, you will be developing a culture – wouldn’t it be cool if you overheard one of your employees saying, “This is a great place to work.”

Remember, keeping employees happy is just as important as keeping your customers happy.

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