Several years ago, a male friend had an exceptional experience with a web retailer that I’d like to share with you.

He found what appeared to be a great deal in an ad in a magazine for blazers from a place called Hunter & Coggins in Asheville NC. They seemed like pretty nice jackets, in an assortment of colors, and, remarkably, under $100.00, and so he bought one, and found that it really did present exceptional value.  So he ordered another one, taking a shot at a color (green) that he thought he’d like.  He didn’t.  Nice jacket, but not a dark enough green. So he called, to ask if they’d accept a return for that reason:

The phone rings, and a guy with a deep southern accent says, “Good Morning, Hunter and Coggins.”

“Good Morning, whom am I speaking with?”

“This is Jim Hunter.”

“Good Morning, Jim, my name is Nick, and I’m calling from Phoenix, and I just bought a second blazer, which I like very much, except for the color.  I was hoping for a darker green Would you accept a return for that reason?’

“Sure, son, send ‘er back!  Do you want another color or a refund?”

Two great things happened here.  First, and perhaps best, the owner answered the phone!  As it turns out, Hunter & Coggins is a traditional haberdasher operating out of an retail storefront in Asheville, and even though they’ve embraced the modern world and pursued internet marketing, the owner is there every day, with his hands on it, driving sales and service.  Just like the Good Old Days, if any of you still remember them.

The second great thing was that the problem wasn’t a problem.  Admittedly, it wasn’t a big problem to begin with, but, nevertheless, Mr. Hunter didn’t hesitate; he did the right thing, the right way, right away.  Brilliant.

Nick chose a replacement color with Mr. Hunter’s help, and has bought hundreds of dollars worth of clothing since, always with the same friendly and efficient service.  Because somebody is making things happen at Hunter & Coggins.

Every business I’ve worked with isn’t a haberdasher in Asheville, in fact, none of them are, and many are quite a bit larger, and in very different fields, and every owner/operator/CEO really can’t answer the phone every time it rings, but every one is dependent upon great service in order to grow and prosper.




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