The Holiday Season and Your Business

The fact is that this time of the year we tend to think about the less fortunate among us.  Many of us do philanthropic things in December.  Nothing wrong with that.

We tend to think that “corporate” giving is reserved for large companies and organizations.   It’s true that the major corporations do a great job.  And small businesses sometimes think that they don’t really need to get involved.  But small businesses can make a difference.

After all, we all probably throw some money in the Salvation Army collection tubs at our local grocery stores.  Isn’t that enough?  No.

First, every little bit helps.

Next, what a great way to get your employees together and do something as a team for someone else.

Here’s two suggestions:

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, a network of more than 200 member food banks , is the world’s first food bank.  St Mary’s is a non-sectarian, nonprofit organization that alleviates hunger by efficiently gathering and distributing food to the hungry.  Serving two-thirds of Arizona’s 15 counties, the organization is committed to volunteerism, building community relationships and improving the quality of life for Arizonans in need.

(602) 242-FOOD (3663)

St. Mary’s is in Arizona, but for those around the country, it is easy to find a local food bank – google it.

Toys for Tots delivers, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters and help them in experience the joy of Christmas.  We all know that Toys for Tots has an annual toy collection and distribution campaign.

(602) 348-1114

OK, so, no excuse.  The info you need is above.

But don’t limit yourself to just these two fine organizations.  Look around the neighborhood where your business is located.  See what other community organizations are in your back yard.  Help them.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

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