… You know what you expect, and they know what you expect…

Everything else follows.

You spend large sums recruiting and training people to perform tasks within your organization, but do you educate them to understand their role? Do you constantly monitor their performance with Key Performance Indicators, and reward them for outstanding performance?  Do you attempt to develop them and their performance from year to year?

A lot is written about the concept of “hiring good people and letting them get on with it”, but I doubt that many of us have had the good luck to hire the superstars who can actually do that.  We are often left to find decent people with basic skills suitable to the role, train them, and then make the best of them.

Everybody agrees that periodic performance reviews are a great idea, but they can be counterproductive if you don’t have specific metrics and analytics with which to measure that performance.  Have you ever been in that uncomfortable position where you’re suggesting areas in need of improvement to an employee, while they are suggesting areas of improvement for you!?!  A defined metric doesn’t just measure an employee’s effectiveness and efficiency, it lays the groundwork for all of the human resource issues which follow.

Concepts similar to those which govern sales management, such as sales goals, calls per day, upsell penetration, dollars per sale, etcetera, can be adapted to measure most any function, ensuring that performance measurement is as objective as possible, and, thus, fair, and balanced.  This makes it easier to set goals for the future, making ongoing improvement part of your everyday processes.

Sure, there will be subjective issues, but they remain secondary, so you can’t be trapped into giving someone a raise or a bonus that doesn’t “deserve” it.

I have recently come upon a tool which is in use in several industries, and which is hugely adaptable, and is certain to be helpful for any organization that is interested in gaining control over its efficiency and effectiveness.

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