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Crowdfunding is Getting Easier

Crowdfunding is one of the hottest topics these day among entrepreneurs, with new platforms launching nearly every day. One can fund their current or new business venture with help from friends, family, colleagues, and complete strangers, thanks to a myriad of funding platforms such as Kickstarter, Rockethub, and others (see http://www.crowdsourcing.org/directory for a good list).… Read more »

Six great tips for growing your business

I’m writing this message while at a U.S. Navy conference in San Diego focused on how small businesses can work with the Federal government.  During the first day of the conference I had the very good fortune to talk with the founders and leaders of three companies  that have been hugely successful, not just as… Read more »

Fraud and small business – the basics

During my career as a finance professional, I have uncovered many cases of fraud and have learned about many others from peers, professional organizations and, professional periodicals I read.  So, you might think that nothing would surprise me any longer but it does.  The surprise is not that people think they can get away with it… Read more »