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Building a Business | Are you ready to grow?

Building a business is hard work.  No surprise there.  But, the key to success is in building the infrastructure that is needed for growth while you are building a business.  You need to do both and at about the same time.  Business owners are, by nature, entrepreneurial.  That means they are visionary and can see… Read more »

A bookkeeping program for small business

Recently the director of a business incubator asked me to speak to the entrepreneurs at his facility and to his staff on the topic of bookkeeping programs for small business.   I’m sure he was thinking in terms of accounting software programs but it was an interesting question because a software program is only the beginning of… Read more »

Want more cash?

There are definite signs of an improving economy but, as you know, there is still a great deal of uncertainty about where the economy will be this time next year.  The question of the day is this: Is your company in a position to take advantage of business and financial opportunities that are opening up?  … Read more »

Seven tips for avoiding bankruptcy

The original of the article below was published in CFO.com on October 27, 2011.  The author is Chuck Benjamin, President of Benjamin Capital Advisors.  I have made some changes so that the article more closely resembles my writing style but the substance and content are unchanged.  This is great advice for all business owners – read carefully. Companies today are trying… Read more »

Internal fraud schemes

This is my second of three articles on fraud and focuses on common schemes employees use to steal from their employers. The 2010 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse found that almost 90 percent of all frauds fell in the generic category of “asset misappropriation.” Not surprisingly the most common asset that… Read more »