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Crowdfunding is Getting Easier

Crowdfunding is one of the hottest topics these day among entrepreneurs, with new platforms launching nearly every day. One can fund their current or new business venture with help from friends, family, colleagues, and complete strangers, thanks to a myriad of funding platforms such as Kickstarter, Rockethub, and others (see http://www.crowdsourcing.org/directory for a good list).… Read more »

The Crucial Monthly Close

As originally appeared in In Business Magazine, December 2012(www.inbusinessmag.com) The Crucial Monthly Close – by Dennis Niven (in collaboration with George Bergmark III) How is your business doing lately? As an owner, you probably have a sense of how things are going, but is it right? While I have developed a great respect for an… Read more »

If Cash is King, then Working Capital is God

As originally appeared in In Business Magazine, October 2012 If Cash is King, then Working Capital is God – by Dennis Niven Working capital management is the most important management activity in emerging and mid-sized companies because of the significant financial impact that it has on the company’s well-being. While most CEOs and business owners… Read more »

MSSB and B2B CFO® Form Alliance

Morgan Stanley Smith  Barney Announces Alliance with B2B CFO Professional alliance offers more holistic approach for business owners   Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has announced a new national alliance with B2B CFO, the largest CFO services firm in the United States.  This agreement provides an innovative blueprint for a coordinated effort to meet both the corporate   and… Read more »

A retrospect of my 39-years-and-counting career in accounting

I am fortunate to have grown up in lower-middle class, urban Sioux City, Iowa during the relatively simple Happy Days of the 1950’s, where my only worries were how a couple of girls at Emerson Elementary might react to my May Day and Valentine Day cards, sitting at the table until I finished my mashed… Read more »

Salesmen and Saleswomen – Masters of Personal Relationships

I have heard it debated whether men and women choose a sales career or if the sales career chooses them. While many books and seminars are sold on how to sell, most of them are ineffective and contradictory. Selling, it seems, is almost all art and very little science. It isn’t just having the gift of gab; it is becoming a master at building and maintaining personal relationships.

Horrid Writing

“Has not the curse of steel pens swept over the land until decent handwriting is almost unknown?  Do not ninety-nine persons in a hundred use steel pens, and has more than one out of the ninety-ninethe effrontery to say he can write with them? Lord Palmerston was quite right – the handwriting of this generation is… Read more »