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The Crucial Monthly Close

As originally appeared in In Business Magazine, December 2012(www.inbusinessmag.com) The Crucial Monthly Close – by Dennis Niven (in collaboration with George Bergmark III) How is your business doing lately? As an owner, you probably have a sense of how things are going, but is it right? While I have developed a great respect for an… Read more »

Doing business with the government

Did you know that over 20% of the Federal Government’s budget is spent with small business?  It’s true and, moreover that number is growing as more and more services and functions are being outsourced to private industry.   This is happening in all departments of the government.  And, similar trends can be seen with most, if… Read more »

Selling a business

I just had the pleasure of spending some time with a business broker and in the course of our conversation discovered that we share many of the same observations about business owners who want to sell their companies. As a B2B CFO® partner I work closely with owners to help them achieve their goals and,… Read more »