Achieve success in business – How can I?

I have found common traits with companies I have worked with that have success in business:

Customer Service. Take care of your customers.  Customers are a valuable business asset.

Leadership. Leaders have an insatiable desire to know what is going on and the ability to ask questions and get feedback.   Leaders are winners and the best leaders like to surround themselves with winners – – both subordinates and advisors.

Attitude.  Owners of successful companies have a positive attitude and accept the responsibility for the results of your business.  When success is achieved, they are generous in giving credit to others.

Discipline.  Stay focused. Stay the course but adjust strategy as the markets change. Recognize, manage and respond to change. Companies that succeed embrace change and respond to challenges presented by the market, the competition and the economy.

Strategy and Plan.  A complex strategy or business plan isn’t necessary to achieve success. A good business plan defines and drives activities.  A sound strategy includes a financial plan, marketing plan, product strategy, and a human resource/people strategy.

Sales and Marketing.  The best companies rigorously find out what the customer’s true needs are then show how their products and services can help the customer obtain the outcome they desire.  “Sales” is not about “Selling” – it is about helping the customer get what they need.

Information Technology. Successful companies know that technology is constantly changing and recognize that there is much they don’t know.  Internal as well as external experts are very important.

Team of Advisors. The best entrepreneurs know that they don’t know everything.  Without exception, every successful business owner I’ve worked with has trusted advisors.


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