Six Quick Tips To Help Your Business Finish 2011 Strong

It’s almost here. Not many days left in 2011.

How is your business doing versus the goals you set for 2011? You do have clear goals, don’t you?

Now is the time to review the results your business has achieved and look at the opportunities are ahead.

If you need to re-circle the wagons, then get your team together and do it. Finish 2011 Strong.

Here are a few things to do:

Look at What Worked

When you review your progress toward achieving the 2011 annual goals, look at the success stories. Duplicate success. Celebrate success!

Offer the Salesforce Special December Incentives

Would you like to have those 2011 sales goals exceeded? Think about incentivizing your sales people for a December push.

Capitalize on Special Holiday Events

Make sure you are prepared to take advantage of any upcoming holiday events that may help the business.

Review the Budget and Cash Flow

Get the numbers. Do a comparison of actual versus budgeted results for revenue and expenses. By the way, do this every month. Don’t forget to look at the Cash Flow report and forecast. Cash flow is perhaps the most important part of a company’s life, but many companies do not routinely make projections of cash needs.

Create Awareness – Promote the Value of Your Goods and Services

No matter how great your business is unless your target market is aware of you and the value you offer, your chances of succeeding are not good. Have you tracked the results? Do you know what is working and what is not? What needs changing in your marketing plan?

Back Up The Computers

Make sure data is backed up and protected. Do it daily. Don’t forget to back up your email. Many people don’t do this. Think about it – what if all your emails disappeared?

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