Productivity, Profitability and the 5th Law of Wealth and Abundance

One of the ways B2B CFO® partners help business owners is by taking tasks off the business owner’s to-do list.  This helps them be more productive in the quest for new products, new customers, new ideas and giving them more time to focus on the business and longer range planning.  Too often business owners get stuck doing what we call “Minding” activities instead of “Finding” activities.  “Finding” activities involve leading the business with the ideas, plans and culture to make it successful.  “Minding” activities are necessary (accounting, cash management, financial statements, internal procedures and controls, etc.), but if too much time is spent on these by the business owner, the level of “Finding” activities suffer and business growth can stall.

The Fifth Law of Wealth and Abundance from Ron Willingham’s book “The Ten Laws of Wealth and Abundance” speaks directly to this situation.  If you have read my earlier blogs, this fictional book is about a young person that Benjamin Franklin takes under his wing to mentor and help be successful.  These laws apply to our personal as well as business lives and I hope these blogs are giving you an opportunity to consider the ideas presented.  The 5th Law states:


“Ask yourself each day How can I make one hour do the work of two?  Keep records of how and on what you spend your time.  Ask yourself each day; What results can I make happen today?  not How can I get through this day?  Learn to delegate and get more done by having others do jobs for you.  Look at your present position and ask yourself How can I do my job more efficiently?  Place yourself in an environment where there are successful people.  Strive to create more value to your employer, clients, customers or patients.  (emphasis added)  Make your motto; Before I can expect to get more, I first need to give more!   In every generation, those individuals who prosper the most are the ones who most efficiently fill the needs of the greatest number of people.”

Several of the questions above can be answered by engaging a B2B CFO partner!  Delegating any number of “minding” activities to a B2B CFO partner will free up the business owner’s time to focus on creating more value to customers, getting more customers, developing new products and working with employees to be more efficient and productive.  This in turn can relieve stress and anxiety associated with too much to do and no time to work ON the business.  Having a seasoned experienced CFO as a trusted advisor on an as-needed basis is a powerful way to multiply your value to others through increased time and attention.

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