Phoenix All-Star Game

One of my peers (if I may elevate myself to his level for a moment)  is a big baseball fan, so I was flattered when blogger extraordinaire Mark Gandy interviewed me about our great city of Phoenix and this week’s All-Star Game.

While you can read the full interview on Mark’s site, here are some sound bites, I mean snippets, from that interview (used, I mean snippeted, with permission):

Our Great City of Phoenix
The Phoenix metro area has eight months of the most gorgeous weather on the planet each year.  We have MLB Spring Training, frequent college bowl games, exotic desert scenery unique in the
world, swimming, motorcycle riding and mountain hiking, all with no bugs.

The All-Star Game’s Impact on our Economy
The Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau has estimated the economic impact of the All-Star Game to be $67 million, with $60 million to Phoenix alone.  Based on the foreign license plates I’ve seen in town this week and the crowded train to Sunday’s Fanfest, Scottsdale has taken in nearly half as much as Phoenix, say $25 million of much needed tourism dollars.

On Being MLB Baseball’s CFO for a Day
As CFO I would do everything I could do to retain high core value income, such as for every TV dollar the network gets the network must send a dollar to United Way, reduce ticket prices and defer salaries into defined contribution plans.

On Building a Baseball-related Business I would create a series of classes to train new draft picks on how to handle money and fame, treat fans with respect.  I’m sure they have some training in manners, but it is ineffective and doesn’t go far enough.  Oh yes, I’d include sessions about integrity, charity and drug abuse too.

On Being a CFO for any MLB Baseball Player
This may surprise you, but I would be CFO for Bobby Bonilla.  That’s because the New York Mets, will soon start forking over $1.2 million annually for 25 years to Bobby Bonilla, a 48-year-old ex-slugger who hasn’t picked up a bat in a decade.   As Bobby’s CFO, I would teach him fiscal responsibility and establish the best of estate planning and generation skipping trusts for Bonny’s family. Then, we would try keeping our mouths shut and fly the world, rent Harleys and enjoy the Mets’ money (like Bernie Maddoff but with a better ending!).

Folks, you’ll have to read the rest on Mark’s site.

Drop him a line and tell him he picked a good source for information!

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