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Dennis V. Niven, CPA

Scottsdale, AZ CFO

43 Years of Experience

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(480) 766-3198


Morningside College

Certificates & Licenses:

Certified Public Accountant

Certified Global Management Accountant

Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor

Certified Dale Carnegie Course Instructor

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Private Pilot, Instrument Rating

Amateur Extra Class Radio licensee N1VEN


Pinnacle Equity Solutions member

American Institute of CPAs

Arizona Society of CPAs

Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA)

FENG (Financial Executives Networking Group)

American Radio Relay League (Amateur Extra Class licensee)

Harley Owners Group

NRA Benefactor Life

International Assn of Clergy

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Dennis’ Bio

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and financial manager, Dennis has 40 years of financial management experience with a wide range of companies. Fourteen years of heading up the Emerging Business Services practice of a "Big 4" CPA firm in three states, seven years serving as Subsidiary Controller (large plant), Group Controller (worldwide) and CFO for one of America's most profitable, acquisition-minded, middle market, public (NYSE) manufacturing companies, and eleven years of experience running his own part-time CFO consulting firm prior to joining this firm over eight years ago has given Dennis the ability to bring world-class leadership to small to medium-sized businesses for a fraction of the cost of an employee.

As a CFO, Dennis specializes in rapid-growth and entrepreneurial companies with an eye on ethical business practices and moral thought and a continuing focus on bringing these benefits to his clients:

  • Increased Company Value
  • Increases Personal Wealth
  • Reduced Stress
  • More Free Time
  • Solid Retirement Plan
  • Security for Loved Ones
  • Peace of Mind
  • Reduced Cash Flow Worries
  • Exit Strategy Plan

As a Certified Business Exit Consultant (CEBC), Dennis specializes in helping business owners determine how to successfully exit their businesses. This does not always mean a sale of the business to a strategic buyer, but often gifting to family or charity, an ESOP, management buyouts or private equity group recapitalizations better achieve the owner's goals. By determining an owner's goals and his or her financial and mental readiness for an exit, Dennis educates the owner(s) on the various exit options that are available to meet the goals, the value of the company under the various exit options, and helps the owner pick the optimal exit option. The result is a written exit plan to achieve the exit goals while maximizing liquid wealth considering income and estate taxes, etc.

As a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA), Dennis manages Success Teams to ensure that the owner's exit plans are followed. An intermediary on the buy or sell side, Dennis understands the intricate negotiations and considerations required to successfully complete a deal. Dennis is specifically trained in and understands the complexities of private capital markets and has a lot of success in finding financing for his clients.

A highly creative individual, Dennis sees systems where others see unrelated objects. Dennis serves on the board of advisors for some of his clients, has been a CFO in a highly competitive industry, and always works closely with CEOs as a trusted, visionary and optimistic advisor. Whether your company is publicly or closely held, for-profit or not-for-profit, in a turn-around or a profit enhancement situation, Dennis has the ability to hit the ground running.

Above all, Dennis is exceptionally skilled at building personal relationships, maintains a positive mental attitude and lives with more and more gratitude every day.

Dennis returned to Arizona in 2005 from his years of experience in the Houston, Omaha and Chicago areas. Dennis and Becky, his wife of 40 years, enjoy continuous learning, relaxing in our motor home, amateur radio, riding Harleys and spending time with our son Chad, whom has a private law practice in Scottsdale, his wife Crysti (a Maricopa County child advocate litigator) and our granddaughters, Ava Gabriella and Addison Grace.

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B2B CFO Issues Call for Nominations for the “Smart 25 Awards™”

(Phoenix, Arizona.) February 12, 2013 – B2B CFO, the nation’s largest CFO services firm, is accepting nominations for the second annual “Smart 25 Awards” through March 8, 2013. The award program recognizes outstanding companies and individuals for driving smart business growth in one of the toughest economies. Honorees and finalists will be celebrated during the awards ceremony on April 26, 2013, at Studio 17 in Disney’s California Adventure Park, during B2B CFO’s annual National Partners Conference hosted by B2B CFO

Thoughts on the Tragedy in Newtown, CT

“A voice was heard in Ramah, wailing and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children; she refused to be consoled, because they are no more.” Matthew 2:18 (quoting Jeremiah). Sometimes these ancient words come too close for comfort. As we watch the weeping on TV and feel no consolation for the events of this past Friday in Newtown, Connecticut, we are reminded of senseless violence that touches our communities every day. This is a moment when that reminder is especially

Dec 4Dennis V Niven

The Crucial Monthly Close

Dec 4Dennis V Niven

As originally appeared in In Business Magazine, December 2012( The Crucial Monthly Close – by Dennis Niven (in collaboration with George Bergmark III) How is your business doing lately? As an owner, you probably have a sense of how things are going, but is it right? While I have developed a great respect for an owner’s “gut-feel” over my forty years of consulting, there are many illusions and counter-intuitive aspects to business that can mislead owners. A common counter-intuitive illusion

Best Practices for Accounts Receivable Process Collection

As appeared in In Business Magazine, November 2012( Best Practices for Accounts Receivable Process Collection  – by Dennis Niven (with content collaboration with Mr. George Bergmark III) The cash-flow crisis resulting from inadequate AR collection practices in a growing business is generally the greatest threat the business will ever face. Even a profitable firm can be forced to close by the resulting cash crunch. Here are a few tips that, when taken as seriously as client service, will greatly help your

Gotta love The Parker House (and Boston)!

I was just reading about the Press Room of The Parker House in Boston where I gave a presentation a couple of weeks ago.  John F. Kennedy made his first public speech in the Press Room while attending hs grandfather Honey Fitzgerald’s birthday party.  The Press Room later became the place where he announced his candidacy for U.S. Congress and where he had his bachelor party. He proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier in Parker’s Restraunt, where Malcolm X was a bus

Oct 4Dennis V Niven

If Cash is King, then Working Capital is God

Oct 4Dennis V Niven

As originally appeared in In Business Magazine, October 2012 If Cash is King, then Working Capital is God – by Dennis Niven Working capital management is the most important management activity in emerging and mid-sized companies because of the significant financial impact that it has on the company’s well-being. While most CEOs and business owners have heard and accept that “Cash is King,” working capital is often the least understood and most poorly managed area of their companies. When working

Sep 7Dennis V Niven

MSSB and B2B CFO® Form Alliance

Sep 7Dennis V Niven

Morgan Stanley Smith  Barney Announces Alliance with B2B CFO Professional alliance offers more holistic approach for business owners   Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has announced a new national alliance with B2B CFO, the largest CFO services firm in the United States.  This agreement provides an innovative blueprint for a coordinated effort to meet both the corporate   and personal wealth management needs of privately held businesses and their owners. The relationship, formalized through Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s Professional Alliance Group, allows B2B CFO to refer clients

Sep 7Dennis V Niven

A retrospect of my 39-years-and-counting career in accounting

Sep 7Dennis V Niven

I am fortunate to have grown up in lower-middle class, urban Sioux City, Iowa during the relatively simple Happy Days of the 1950’s, where my only worries were how a couple of girls at Emerson Elementary might react to my May Day and Valentine Day cards, sitting at the table until I finished my mashed potatoes, the neighborhood bully Eddie, and the dreaded “triple black dog dare” under the huge oak tree in the playground. Virtually unlimited opportunities, on the

Sep 7Dennis V Niven

Salesmen and Saleswomen – Masters of Personal Relationships

Sep 7Dennis V Niven

I have heard it debated whether men and women choose a sales career or if the sales career chooses them. While many books and seminars are sold on how to sell, most of them are ineffective and contradictory. Selling, it seems, is almost all art and very little science. It isn’t just having the gift of gab; it is becoming a master at building and maintaining personal relationships.

Sep 7Dennis V Niven

Strategic Planning – Rethinking the Process to Finally Get Results

Sep 7Dennis V Niven

We practiced meditation for strategists by standing with one foot in front of the other, lunging forward while forcefully lowering a Samurai sword from overhead, exhaling loudly and focusing only on the head of the enemy. We cut off what was in our way.

Horrid Writing

“Has not the curse of steel pens swept over the land until decent handwriting is almost unknown?  Do not ninety-nine persons in a hundred use steel pens, and has more than one out of the ninety-ninethe effrontery to say he can write with them? Lord Palmerston was quite right – the handwriting of this generation is abominable; and as new improvements in steel pens go on, that of the next will  be worse.” Quote from Scientific American, March 1862 Had he

Darned Credit Card!

I used a credit card today.   The cute waitress was very friendly until she noticed the “MEMBER SINCE” date on my credit card and said, “Cool! That’s when I was born!”  @smalltip Copyright 2011 – Dennis V. Niven. All Rights Reserved

B2B CFO® wins ACE award

Tonight I attended the ACE (Arizona Corporate Excellence) Awards ceremony in Scottsdale with about a dozen of my partners. B2B CFO® won an ACE award for being the 23rd fastest growing Arizona company. That’s not bad considering Discount Tire, Go Daddy, Lifelock and some of the others on the list. Copyright 2011 – Dennis V. Niven. All Rights Reserved

Great Talent or a Great Team?

As I see it, great talent means big egos, big paychecks, loafing, and not reaching potential.

Phoenix All-Star Game

One of my peers (if I may elevate myself to his level for a moment)  is a big baseball fan, so I was flattered when blogger extraordinaire Mark Gandy interviewed me about our great city of Phoenix and this week’s All-Star Game. While you can read the full interview on Mark’s site, here are some sound bites, I mean snippets, from that interview (used, I mean snippeted, with permission): Our Great City of Phoenix The Phoenix metro area has eight months

Stand Up To Cancer

At last Tuesday’s All-Star Game, I was moved when a capacity crowd stood after the sixth inning raising placards with names of cancer victims (past and present).  The special moment is part of a nationwide campaign called Stand Up to Cancer. I was at the All-Star game and was proud to stand for a courageous woman, my Florida partner, named Linda Donegan .  Linda, we know many are praying  and thinking about you.  You are not  alone in this battle.  Be strong,

Apr 9Dennis V Niven

Recalling Senator Barry M. Goldwater in My Rifle Sights

Apr 9Dennis V Niven

I was looking at Senator Barry Goldwater (and Otis) through the hooded front sight of my rifle in broad daylight absolutely ready to pull the trigger that was a hair away from the point of no return already.

Apr 7Dennis V Niven

A Big Problem for Businesses Today – Immigration Compliance

Apr 7Dennis V Niven

No matter how you draw your battle lines on the myriad of immigration issues, there is one very real problem that businesses have largely ignored – the current enforcement of immigration laws by focusing on the employer.

Apr 1Dennis V Niven

Coke Zero Tastes Like Coke? Give Me a Break!

Apr 1Dennis V Niven

“Hey, Mr. Seckler, Coke Zero does not taste ANYTHING like regular Coke.” It is merely a slightly reformulated Tab with a more effective Ace-K sweetener. When the Borat-style ads showed up with two idiots using cardboard cutouts to demonstrate… I forget what…, we should have turned the TV off, picked up a Coca-Cola (bottle only, please) and started reading a book!

Scottsdale, Arizona Warning: “Cat’s Paw” Doctrine Big Problem for Employers

At the 35,000 foot level, discrimination is bad and if it exists in your company you are likely screwed. At ground level, it’s time you get help (outsource) with your human relations function and follow the Dos and Don’ts at the end of this article.

Working Capital – The Precursor to Cash

Working capital management is arguably the most important management activity in emerging and mid-sized companies because of the significant financial impact that it has on the company’s well-being.

Best Practices Accounts Receivable Process Collection in Professional Service Firms

Accounts Receivable Process

It is well known that engineers, accountants and other professionals are not well-trained for their careers as they head out of classrooms and into the world.

DREAM Arguments Pull at Heartstrings But Ignore Commonsense

There are so many problems with the DREAM Act. But the bottom line is that no matter how you cut it, amnesty begets amnesty. How many more parents will risk bringing their children here illegally if we give amnesty to the ones here now? No one can know the exact number, but we know that it will be too many.

Oct 3Dennis V Niven

B2B CFO® Wins 2010 Arizona Corporate Excellence Award

Oct 3Dennis V Niven

 B2B CFO®, nation’s largest provider of CFO services to emerging and mid-size businesses, was honored in the ACE, Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards for its fast growth.  Now in its 16th year, the Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards is an annual celebration of private businesses that are thriving in Arizona. In order to be considered for the awards, Arizona-based companies had to apply and agree to have their financials reviewed by independent accounting partners. Companies that made the ACE Fastest Growing list

Illegal Immigration – Arizona Christian Perspective

When you go to church, however, you learn that we are concerned that protecting our own poor in the United States might be selfish because, perhaps, high immigration is the answer to combating world poverty.

Small Business Act of 2010

As you will hear bits and pieces about this from many sources, this brief recap gives my clients the changes that I have picked out as having an immediate effect on 2010 planning in summary fashion. Business owners should be aware of these things. As always, I bring an awareness of tax law to my clients, but specifics should also be discussed with your CPA firm before any plans are made.

Testimonial – Arizona Society of CPAs

“Dennis is a master at establishing personal relationships quickly and listening to a CEO’s concerns. He assists wherever he’s needed, focusing on an organization’s well-being. We appreciate all he’s done to help the ASCPA.” Cindie Hubiak, CPA – President & CEO, Arizona Society of CPAs

B2B CFO® makes Inc. 500|5000 list

B2B CFO, the nation’s largest provider of CFO services to small businesses, has been named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America. Now in its 29th year, Inc. Magazine’s annual ranking judges US-based and privately held companies by their revenue growth.  This year’s list was ranked on the percentage in revenue increase from 2006-2009. B2B CFO’s growth earned 84th place in its industry. “There are approximately 27 million small businesses in the U.S. today,” said Jerry

Aug 5Dennis V Niven

Testimonial – Marix Servicing LLC

Aug 5Dennis V Niven

As a new company started in Feb of 2007, Dennis was hired to assist in establishing the CFO functions. I found Dennis to have a wide range of knowledge and be very flexable to a new start up. His direction and advice are still part of the organzation today as we have grown from 3 staff to close to 100 in one year and 400 in two years. Dennis quickly became part of the team and part of the decission

Aug 5Dennis V Niven

Testimonial – Able Information Technologies, Inc.

Aug 5Dennis V Niven

“Right from the get go, I put Dennis in charge of an acquisition and Dennis completed the due diligence, lined up financing and mentored team members on the process.  He single-handedly made the deal happen!  That is what I call a partner.” Brandon Ames – President, Able Information Technologies, Inc.

Aug 5Dennis V Niven

Testimonial – Perspectiva

Aug 5Dennis V Niven

“Dennis provided needed insight into our firm’s financial condition. We were too close to the trees and could not see the direction we were headed. With a good understanding of our financial score card, we were able to make needed decisions regarding resources and manpower.” Gloria Barrera – Partner, Perspectiva

Mar 4Dennis V Niven

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Mar 4Dennis V Niven

President Barack Obama signed the 1,073 page “stimulus” act into law on February 17, 2009-the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The cost of the entire stimulus act is nearly $800 billion. The tax provisions represent approximately $300 billion of that total cost. This blog update focuses on the individual tax changes in the new law. Making Work Pay Credit By far, the most costly tax provision is the “Making Work Pay Credit” at an estimated cost of $116

Breaking News – Things your CPA needs to consider NOW

Net Operating Losses and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Just as tax season is rolling and your CPAs are knee-deep in tax returns, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA 2009) changed the NOL carryback rule for net operating losses arising from an eligible small business in 2008. Warning: This is a change for this tax season Longer Carryback Period Available The new law provides an eligible small business with an election to increase the present-law

Congrats to the Comerican Bank Arizona Companies to Watch Contest Winners!

The Phoenix-based Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) and the Cassopolis, Michigan-based Edward Lowe Foundation have announced winners of the 2008 Comerica Bank Arizona Companies to Watch contest.  ASBA and the foundation, which promotes entrepreneurship, selected the 50 winners from more than 3,000 nominees (and 300 finalists) across the state.  To qualify, a company must be what they call a “second-stage” firm, defined as having 10 to 100 full-time employees and $750,000 to $100 million in annual revenue or working capital.