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Christopher C. Buls

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Indiana University BA - Chemistry

Indiana University MBA - Finance

Certificates & Licenses:

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)


Financial Executives International (FEI)

Association for Corporate Growth

Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG)

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Chris’ Bio

Chris has over 25 years of experience as a CFO, Controller and Treasurer in organizations ranging from startups to multi-national, Fortune 500 companies. With an MBA and CMA, he is skilled in implementing “Best Practice” accounting and reporting processes, financial planning, profit improvements, internal controls and IT systems. He has worked in a variety of industries including chemicals, aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer products, specialty materials, engineering, construction, advertising, high-tech, and a variety of professional services organizations. Recognized as a trusted business partner, Chris is accomplished at working with organizations to lead necessary and lasting change as well as driving continuous improvement. Chris’s experience provides a unique background for him to carefully analyze a business and develop a clear and concise strategy to increase cash flow, profits and value .

Chris has managed all aspects of finance and accounting functions including mentoring the accounting and management staff to improve the accuracy, timeliness and understanding of a business’s finances. His deep understanding of the development and utilization of key metrics has delivered significant cost savings and working capital improvements totaling over $3 Million at one company alone. He is experienced at working with a Board of Directors/Advisors, acquiring and managing term debt and lines of credit, completing business transitions, implementing credit and collections processes and enhancing variance analysis to provide clear explanations of monthly result while collaborating with key business executives to complete corrective actions. Chris has implemented inventory procedures resulting in a 20% improvement in inventory accuracy and led IPO readiness activities enabling the successful IPO of a $2 Billion company. Finally, he has extensive experience in budgeting, strategic planning and improving cash and profit forecasting.

Chris’s true passion is working with the owners of growing, mid-market businesses enabling them to maximize the value of their business. He enjoys partnering with the Owner or CEO to reach their personal and organizational goals.

Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and an MBA in Finance; both degrees are from Indiana University - Bloomington. He has also been a Certified Management Accountant since 1991. Chris resides in Phoenix with his wife, Lori. They have been married for 27 years and have a son and daughter.

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Recent Articles

What is your Tangible Net Worth?

Your Tangible Net Worth

There are many financial ratios and calculations that business owners are familiar with. Most of these are basic operating statistics that owners can, and hopefully do, use day in and day out to manage the business.  Tangible Net Worth is typically not in that group but, to many owners, it is vital because it’s a metric that their bank uses in the lending covenants. Mess this one up and you’ll have a problem with your bank better known as a “busted covenant”.

Your Exit Strategy

Your Exit Strategy

If you are thinking (or should be thinking) about exiting your business, now is the time to begin working on your exit strategy. Unfortunately, this is new territory for the vast majority of business owners. Many have concerns about the value of the business and very few know how to start the exit process. Finally, some fall into the trap of trying to go it alone and wind up with a weaker business and a not so happy ending to the

Business Relationship Management – Demystifying The Banks

Business Relationship Management - Banking

Business Relationship Management – Is your banking relationship sound? For many businesses, a good banking relationship can be the difference between modest or strong growth. Your banking relationship is much like any other relationship. You need to nurture it and it’s important to understand your banker’s point of view, business relationship management is critical. Hopefully, I’m on point with these but I would appreciate your comments to help me refine things. Here are a few of my initial thoughts: First

The 5 Keys To Getting A Line Of Credit

Getting a Line of Credit is a big step for any business. It means you’re growing and need some additional capital to continue growing. Working with the bank will also give you an opportunity to better understand your business and gain a perspective on how people outside your company view your firm and industry. Understand what a Line of Credit is – A Line of Credit is a commitment and loan that is secured by your accounts receivable. It’s a great way

How Do I Improve Sales?…A CFO’s Perspective

Let me start out by answering your first question: What does a CFO know about sales? In my role as Partner with B2B CFO® I work closely with a variety of business owners. Some are rock stars with their particular product or service, others are incredibly well connected within the industry, while still others are masters of sales and marketing. I’ve learned so much from all of them but I find the sales and marketing types particularly interesting. There is

Do you have a short memory?

As a football fan, I often hear the Sportscasters talk about having a “short memory”.  I think this thought process is also something that people can use in their day to day business life as well.  Having a short memory in football means that the player puts things behind them and focuses on the job at hand.  Miss a catch, back to the huddle for the next play; let the receiver catch a long pass and pick yourself up because

Hitting Singles and Doubles

Nothing focuses a business on Accounts Receivable like a cash crunch.  The business appears to be cruising along, growing nicely and all of a sudden there is barely enough to cover payroll…what gives? Well, often what gives, is the leaders have taken their eye off the accounts receivable ball.  Yea, that awful activity of having to call and tell the customers (the ones that you worked so hard to get) that they need to pay you.  It’s the same role

What is the Fiscal Cliff?

As a CFO in Phoenix for last few years it seems like every other week has been a fiscal cliff.  Now the national media is running stories about a “Fiscal Cliff” with the Federal Government.  What exactly are they talking about?  To understand we need to go back a couple of years.  At that time we were experiencing one of our routine budget emergencies.  The Country was facing a rapidly growing deficit that was quickly approaching the legal limit.  Unless

Arizona Solar Gets a Boost

According to a recent post on the Federal Government has set aside 285,000 acres of public land across six states for use as utility scale solar energy.  It’s great to begin seeing some structure on the way these types of projects are set up.  I know some folks want the Government to stay out of everything but in fact there are some areas that can use a bit of help and this is one of those areas. Why??  It’s

Finding Hidden Cash

In the case study I mentioned in my last posting, the executives needed to quickly find cash to prevent the bank from revoking the company’s line of credit.  One of the first places all the groups reviewed was the inventory line of the balance sheet.  In this company, inventory had increased dramatically in the years since the father left and presented a real opportunity for the company to raise cash.  The big challenge was how to convert the material in the warehouse

What's in your business?

Recently I had the pleasure of partnering with David Coit, a Phoenix based banker from Bank of Arizona, to lead three Vistage groups through a case study in finance.  With David functioning as the banker, Karie Montague, the Vistage Chair, serving as an advisor and me in the role of Chief Financial Officer (not a big stretch) we evaluated the recommendations of the groups.  In the case study, a father had successfully owned and operated a company and then turned