Ordinary to Extraordinary


Companies that lead the pack, companies that are continually successful over time have leaders and management teams that do certain things.  Recently, I have read several articles about successful business leaders and their companies.  Here are a few common elements –

1.     Order, simplicity, and an office environment with few distractions. This is a basic concept that often escapes attention when there are other things to need to be addressed – but a discipline that is important.

2.     A daily walk. A regular daily walk is known to be conducive to brain functioning – clears your head, stimulates thinking – also good exercise.

3.     Accountability metrics. Set standard for yourself and your team.

4.     Establish a clear dividing line between important work and busywork. Resist the temptation to work on the easy stuff which really isn’t urgent.  Focus on the top three critical tasks.

5.     A supportive partner.  A spouse or close friend that is there for you, no matter what, is really important.

6.     Limited social lives. There is a time and place for everything.  Keep a balance.

7.     Relative isolation.   It is interesting that very successful people carve out time to be by themselves and also limit their key interactions to a very small trusted circle.

photo credit: September 18, 2013 at 10:55AM via photopin (license)


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