Never, ever say die

Just another quick baseball story that I think you will agree is inspirational.  My wife and I are baseball fans.  She grew up in a baseball family in Baltimore and loves the Orioles.  I come from Ohio and Michigan and used to be a fan of the Reds and the Tigers.   So, now we have been in Arizona for 15 years and have become avid Diamondbacks fans.  This year has been a great one and lives up to the name of the city in which they play, Phoenix, in that they have truly risen from the ashes of last year’s team to become one of the most suprising come back teams in all of major league baseball.   Anyway, the thing I want to share with you is that I just learned a day or so ago that this year, the D’backs have come from behind to win 43 times and the regular season isn’t over yet.  That is somewhere around 30% of its games have been won in this manner.  We have personally seen it happen time and time again and often late in the game (8th or 9th innning).   This behavior is a reflection of the values and attitudes of the coaches and everyone on the team.  But, it should be a value and a way of life that every one of us endorses and practices – never, ever say die.  Don’t ever give up until the game is really over.   Here’s wishing you a winning year!

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