Destiny, Belief and the 1st Law of Wealth and Abundance

I was introduced to a book several years ago that was really inspirational.  I want to share in some small way some of the positive influences it provides.  The book is titled “The Ten Laws of Wealth and Abundance” written by Ron Willingham.  It is the fictional story of a poor retail clerk and his way to abundance through mentoring provided to him by Benjamin Franklin on the Ten Laws of Wealth and Abundance.  You can find more information on the book at

“The First Law: Choose To Be The Master Of Your Own Destiny.”

“Choose abundance, not poverty.  Plant thought-seeds of prosperity, not pauperism, with your choices and actions.  Commit to learn the laws which govern the accumulation of wealth.  Accept responsibility for your own individual successes.  Stop blaming circumstances, conditions or other people.  Agree to pay the price of learning and effort.  Resolve not to allow temporary defeat to be accepted as failure.  Be willing to prudently take risks.  Ask for guidance from your Creator and those who have demonstrated by their actions that they are wise in the ways of success.  Spend time with those who have chosen prosperity and abundance.  Understand their patterns of thought and action.”

Doesn’t this sound like the way many entrepreneurs and businesses have survived and thrived through difficult times, especially the last few years?  I can assure you that one thing they do is believe they can.  They choose to overcome difficulties, defeats and challenges to find new products and markets, be more efficient, engage employees, and collaborate with others – to be the master of their own destiny.  As Ben Franklin states in the book “We accomplish what we fix our minds on getting”.

This chapter caused me to focus on success and believe it would happen.  The daily and sometimes small things we do all add up to progress toward that success and abundance.

Look for future blogs on Laws 2-10 in the near future.

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