Investor Conference in Phoenix Arizona

I have an opportunity Saturday to attend an investor conference here in Phoenix at the Phoenix Convention Center, South Ballroom, conference begins at 8AM.    I will be with one of my clients, Global Medical Equipment of America and bringing information for Agratek (Water Conservation) and other clients at the same time.  I will be on the hunt for funding to see my clients succeed. Apparently they are taping a segment of a syndicated TV show called Money TV which both the CEO of GMEA and myself as a consulting CFO will be interviewed.  I will try to get a copy of the show and post it on my site here. They are expecting 1800-2500 people Saturday! We will be taping an episode of MoneyTV on location and I will be answering a list of interview questions tomorrow which are interesting to say the least.  We rehearsed the questions all afternoon Friday.  I guess I will have to wear a suit and be presentable. The next AMI conference is February 21 & 22 in Tucson.


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