Illegal Immigration – Arizona Christian Perspective

It is clear that polling tells us that a majority of the citizens of the United States agree that immigration should be controlled to reduce the drain on our bankrupt State economies, national unemployment and educational resources, not to mention the criminal element of immigrants from certain countries.

When you go to church, however, you learn that we are concerned that protecting our own poor in the United States might be selfish because, perhaps, high immigration is the answer to combating world poverty. If this assertion is true, we, as Christians, should take this to heart, shouldn’t we? Isn’t it only the word “illegal” in “illegal immigration” that concerns us? Wasn’t this country built on immigration? Should the word “aliens” be substituted for the word “immigration?”

There is a YouTube video that does an excellent job of answering the questions that nag out subconscious. I encourage you to watch the video to educate yourself on what is becoming the largest issue of our time. This 5 minute video is half the length of the other versions out there, as people don’t seem to have the time to watch it all. Search for “Gumball Illegal Immigration” to find other versions if you don’t like this one. Click here and see what you think: Gumball Illegal Immigration

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