A man dies and appears at the Pearly Gates.  Saint Peter says, “You are a good man who lived a good life, and you deserve to be admitted into The Kingdom of Heaven, BUT, we lost a lawsuit and so we must give you the opportunity to consider your options.

So the man is taken on a tour of Heaven: blue skies, beautiful clouds, harp music, beautiful angels – so beautiful and peaceful!  Then he is whisked off to Hell, where he is surprised to also find beautiful blue skies, and beautiful clouds, plus an all-star band of deceased rock idols playing Classic Rock 24/7, and any and all types of food and adult beverages, served by beautiful, scantily clad young women who attend to his every wish. For him, Hell is more like Heaven than Heaven.

In a second, he is back before Saint Peter. “Well, sir,” he says, ” I’ve got to say that what I just saw down there makes me think that that is how I’d like to spend eternity. I choose Hell.”

Poof! Back to Hell, except that this time Hell is exactly as it’s always been depicted – fire, brimstone, pitchforks, suffering souls, weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth…

“Hey!” he says, “I was just here and it wasn’t like this!  What happened?”

Satan appears from behind a rock, laughs that blood-curdling laugh which you would expect Satan to laugh, and says, “Then you were a prospect – now you’re a customer!”

A business lesson.

You spend untold time and money to find prospects to turn into customers.  Once you’ve got them, make sure that you give them what you’ve promised them.

We’ve all seen statistics on the cost of getting a customer versus the cost of keeping a customer.  Keeping is always cheaper.

But wait – there’s more:  The customers that you keep will ensure your future because they will spend more in the long run, and they will be your best source of referrals. They may even become your friends.

Smart businesspeople make sure that their customers’ experiences don’t turn into Hell.


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