Habits and the 8th Law of Wealth and Abundance

How appropriate that the timing of reaching the Eighth Law from Ron Willingham’s book, “The Ten Laws of Wealth and Abundance” in my blog series comes as we approach the end of 2012 when everyone (well, at least a lot of people) will be considering New Year’s resolutions.  A New Years’ resolution is generally a goal to be achieved by a certain point in time.  How often do we fail at that?

An example: I try to work out regularly at a local gym and have for a number of years.  It is always interesting to see the uptick in new members and how crowded the gym gets In January and February, as people start their resolutions to get fit and lose weight.  With regularity, come March, the crowds tend to dissipate each year.

What the Eighth Law gives us is a PROCESS with which to work on desired attitudes, habits or traits and continually improve in those areas.  Rather than a specific goal by a specific date, I find this approach refreshing and adaptable as time passes and my focus and needs change.  In business we talk about continual improvement processes as the way to go beyond what might be possible within our current environment.   Why not with our personal lives and habits?

I found this very powerful and helpful and hope you give it a try.  The impact to your personal and business lives can be amazing!

The 8th Law of Wealth and Abundance states:


“Observe successful people and seek their advice as to the personal qualities that brought them to success.  Define your own list of thirteen traits.  Think of attitudes, habits or traits that will enhance your own prosperity.  Write down these thirteen traits in a booklet, on a folded sheet of paper or on a card.  Draw seven columns to the right of each trait and mark each one with a letter for a day of the week.  Focus your attention on one trait for one week.  Note your failures and accomplishments, and grade yourself on your daily performance.  Go to the next trait for a week until you have done all thirteen.  Then start over with the first one for thirteen weeks and continue for several quarters.  As your needs change, change your list of desired traits. Soon you will feel surges of growth in yourself and your outer successes will more naturally follow.”

This process was taught by Ben Franklin to his apprentice in the book and his 13 traits are listed.   I found the 13 listed in the book by his apprentice very helpful.  I include these for your consideration as you look to work on one thing at a time for thirteen weeks:

The Apprentice’s Thirteen Traits/Habits:

“Honor the Creator daily, Demonstrate a thankful spirit, Show forgiveness and humility toward others, Apply courtesy in all transactions, Be diligent in daily affairs, Practice temperance in food and drink, Use wisdom in the handling of money, Encourage others around me, Balance work and recreation, Mange time well, Contribute to the welfare of others, Spend study and planning time daily, Listen to others without judgment or bias.”

Remember, pick any thirteen that you want to address, take one a week to concentrate on until you have taken one week with each.  Then modify or start again with the list of thirteen.  This will provide the process for your individual improvement on a quarterly basis.  Might even work for your business!

As we finish 2012, I want to wish you a happiest of holiday seasons and the best for a terrific 2013.  Let me know what you think of this 8th Law!


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