Great Talent or a Great Team?

As a long-time baseball fan, I appreciated watching the All-Star game in person.  Great experience.  And that included all of the activities leading up to the game itself.

As I was taking all this in, I was thinking about my clients.  What if all of their team members were
superstars?  Would it make a difference?  Or is just having a great team enough?

I can tell you right now that all it takes is a strong leader with vision and an able team that will follow.  Of course, that assumes there’s a great product or service behind the leader.

As I see it, great talent means big egos, big paychecks, loafing, and not reaching potential.

Instead, I’ll take intense work ethic, a never-give-in attitude, and diligence over talent any day of the week.

Yes, watching the All-Star Game is fun to watch—one time a year that is.  I want to see my team grit
it out together and win through a common vision, a common goal—both of which are driven by great leadership.  I want the great team.

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