Goal Clarity and Laws of Wealth and Abundance-Law #2

This is my second blog on the influences from the book, “The Ten Laws of Wealth and Abundance” written by Ron Willingham. Having clear goals is a concept included in many business books and literature.  I think the book takes this concept to a new level with solid advice on how goals are accomplished.

Law # 2 in Ron Willingham’s book is: “Fix Your Mind on Specific Objectives”. 

“Decide exactly what you want to achieve.  Write down specific things that you want to have, gain, possess or enjoy.  Set these objectives in several areas of your life – financial, personal, family and spiritual.  Describe the exact amount of money you want to have at specific points in the future.  Describe habits or attitudes or spiritual qualities you wish to possess.  Define specific job, business or career ambitions.  Write down strengths you will need to achieve these aspirations.  Commit to daily activities that will lead you to your aspirations.  Set goals to grow in wisdom and spiritual discernment.  Learn to discover and access your powerful unconscious thoughts to give you guidance in reaching your aspirations.  Then listen to your hunches and intuition as guides for your journey.  Most importantly, take action on the insights that will be presented to you.”

To apply this to business, this concept goes much deeper than simply the annual business plan, budgets and “talking the talk” of having goals.  You can sense in the words and tone used in this law that goals should be balanced in all areas of your life and you must commit to DAILY activities that are pointed toward those goals.  Once the goals are imbedded in your mind and subconscious, you are able to trust your hunches and intuitions as guides for making decisions.  This is a powerful combination of written goals and the subconscious mind working together.

In the book, the message Ben Franklin gives to his young apprentice is to “Decide in your mind exactly what you desire.   Continually think about it and it will ultimately transpire.”  This is not simply a wish-it-and-it-will-come-true proposition. We accomplish what we fix our minds on, but they must be your compelling passion.

Financial and goal clarity is one of the key benefits that working with a B2B CFO can provide.  We help establish clear financial goals and work with you to realize them with passion and commitment.

I hope the second Law of Wealth and Abundance inspires you.  Check out future blogs on Laws 3-10.

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