Entrepreneurship, Investing, and the 6th Law of Wealth and Abundance

This chapter of Ron Willingham’s book, “The Ten Laws of Wealth and Abundance” brings out some very important concepts for entrepreneurs and investors.  As the U.S. recovers from the current economic problems (and it will!),  entrepreneurs and investors will have an opportunity to build their busnesses and holdings.  Solid financial and investment fundamentals will help them be successful.

While the book is set in the time of Benjamin Franklin, the wisdom gained by Franklin’s young apprentice in the book clearly forms a strong foundation of principals upon which success can be built.  Please consider the following law, #6:


“Invest your money in yourself, after you have developed experienced skills.  Avoid speculative ventures where you have no experience, unless you have people you can completely trust who do have the experience.  Diligently protect yourself from the risks that life often brings, insuring yourself and your properties from unwelcomed loss.  Give no one control of your funds who has not demonstrated unquestionable integrity and good financial judgment.  Be satisfied with lower returns where you can enjoy the reasonable safety of your principal.  Be watchful, remembering that it is thrice as difficult to keep what you have than to first earn it.”

B2B CFO partners are in a unique position of trust with our clients.  Our unquestionable integrity and good financial judgment help business owners make the right choices to build their business and ultimately benefit from a planned and timely exit strategy through a sale or transfer of the business.  Tools that B2B CFO partners bring to their clients include extensive training and experience in financial and business management as well as a network of contacts in software, banking, investment banking, insurance and many other areas.

Our proven six-step process called The Game Plan™ puts all this to work for our clients.  Taking advantage of our no charge, no obligation Discovery Analysis™ is the first step in the Game Plan and I’d welcome an opportunity to meet with any business owner to learn about their business and talk about the 6th Law of Wealth and Abundance.




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