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Oct 14Jody Butera

Do You Think You Need A CFO?

Oct 14Jody Butera
CFO Services

So many business owners wear ‘all the hats.’  While it may make sense because you know everything about your business, have you noticed that you are working in your business, instead of working on your business?  A CFO  plays a critical role as an advisor to a business owner to ensure that the business owner achieves his or her goals.  A CFO will help you focus on strategic issues and the long-term focus of your business.  Do you understand all of your strategic issues?  Do you have your long-term business plan documented?  Do you routinely review it to make sure you are on track?  A CFO is invaluable in helping business owners do these important things.  What about helping smooth our your operational cash needs?  A great CFO helps get you the cash that you need!

Did you know you can get the talent and expertise you need on an as needed and affordable basis?  This also makes sense.  You need the talent and expertise, but you don’t need it full time.  I build a long-term relationship with you to take precious care of your business, help you carefully grow it and manage that growth and help you prepare and plan for your future transition.   I would love to learn about your business and help you discover how to take your business to the next level.  One other thought – if you need working capital, I can connect you to a community bank currently offering business owners signature loans (line of credit and term loans) of 10% of annual revenue, up to $100,000.  Contact me at to learn more!

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