Do you have a short memory?

As a football fan, I often hear the Sportscasters talk about having a “short memory”.  I think this thought process is also something that people can use in their day to day business life as well.  Having a short memory in football means that the player puts things behind them and focuses on the job at hand.  Miss a catch, back to the huddle for the next play; let the receiver catch a long pass and pick yourself up because they’ll be coming right back at you.  It’s the same in business.  Miss a sure sales opportunity, get up and contact the next prospect; have a miss on manufacturing, fix the problem and get back to selling, lose a key employee and hire a new person.

Business is like this everyday, nothing ever goes exactly according to plan but successful businesses are able to quickly make midstream corrections.  The key is always focusing ahead and moving forward.  This doesn’t mean ignoring the past but the key is to learn from mistakes and then move on.  Keep the focus on what is coming down the pike.

What happens when people loose the “short memory”?  First of all opportunities pass right by, people are so consumed with the mistake and pinning blame on someone that they can’t see all the other opportunities all around them.  Also, as people become consumed with the possibility of mistake they become fearful and stop taking the risks that are necessary for a successful business.  Rolling out new products could fail…but the business will fail with out new products.  That big new prospect could say no but where would you be with out a steady stream of new clients?

Having that short memory is just as important in business as it is the NFL, can you be the Executive that people say has a “short memory”?

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