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May 26Jody Butera

Do What’s Right, The Money Will Follow

May 26Jody Butera

When you think about success, what comes to mind? Is it how much money you have in the bank? Is it how many names are on your customer list? Is it your year-over-year growth in your business metrics? Is it how many friends you have? Is it that the family is happy and well cared for? Any and all of these examples may be your measuring stick.

We all have a mission, vision and a set of values, both for our business and personally. The one thing that is important in any scenario that will always carry you the furthest, in your business and in your personal life, is Integrity.

Webster Dictionary has this simple definition for Integrity: the quality of being honest and fair. I think this is a really interesting definition because honesty is very obvious. The word fair, however, is very meaningful, but not a word that comes quickly to mind, at least it didn’t for me. I really like the idea that integrity means not just being honest, but also being fair.

Several years ago and early in my career, I worked for a publicly traded dialysis company. It was a billion dollar company. The COO was always very clear that the patient always comes first. It’s a customer service perspective that I have always believed to be essential. And in your business, it’s important both internally and externally.

That COO also always said, “do the right thing and the money will follow.” It’s true. Do what’s right, do it with integrity, and the money will follow.

I can help you in your business, no matter what your goals are, where you are in the evolution of the business and in achieving those goals. From seemingly small issues that represent immediate needs to long term needs for the future and your plans for the business when you are ready to just enjoy life, I will work with you to devise and implement a sound achtion plan to meet and exceed your desired success. Call me today at 520-528-1718 and let’s talk about what you need to do that’s right and how the money will follow.

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