Changing Your Perspective

The last few years have been challenging for small business owners, and burnout has been a common issue encountered.  I often hear comments from business owners that “running lean” has caused a lot of stress.

The National Federation of Independent Business recently posted an article entitled, “3 Ways to Change Your Perspective,” which describes ways to rekindle the energy needed to successfully manage and grow a business.

I talk with business owners quite a lot about two of the ideas mentioned, and invariably I hear “yeah, that makes sense.”

Changing Your Perspective

“Throw off some hats and delegate.”

A topic that comes up often is the opportunity cost of the business owner’s time.  Trying to cover all of the bases and every issue impacting a business is the fastest path to burnout for a business owner.  What’s worse is that less time and energy is going toward meeting the needs of the customers and growing the business.

How do you change?  Stop trying to solve all the problems personally. Rely on your employees and look for untapped talents.  Offload through getting expert help as needed and maybe outsourcing some tasks.

“Plug into your purpose.”

This tip centers on getting out of the office and meeting with customers.  If the business owner knows that the financial and administrative duties are being handled, they can refocus and have the freedom to develop a new product, build presence in a new market, and being more responsive to customer needs, all of which will help them grow their business and become more profitable.  All good things!


The National Federation of Independent Business, a leading organization representing small and independent businesses, has a number of business resources, seminars, and videos that address business best practices, current issues affecting small businesses, and connection opportunities.

Here is the link to the entire article – it is a quick read.



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