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Your Online Reputation

I recently read a very informative article in Forbes written by Ty Kiisel.  He cited several points about your online reputation.  It is good advice to be careful about what you say and do in public because you never knew who is watching. As individuals and businesses, the need to manage and protect your reputation is… Read more »

Thoughts on the Tragedy in Newtown, CT

“A voice was heard in Ramah, wailing and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children; she refused to be consoled, because they are no more.” Matthew 2:18 (quoting Jeremiah). Sometimes these ancient words come too close for comfort. As we watch the weeping on TV and feel no consolation for the events of this past… Read more »

The Holiday Season and Your Business

The fact is that this time of the year we tend to think about the less fortunate among us.  Many of us do philanthropic things in December.  Nothing wrong with that. We tend to think that “corporate” giving is reserved for large companies and organizations.   It’s true that the major corporations do a great job. … Read more »

The Crucial Monthly Close

As originally appeared in In Business Magazine, December 2012( The Crucial Monthly Close – by Dennis Niven (in collaboration with George Bergmark III) How is your business doing lately? As an owner, you probably have a sense of how things are going, but is it right? While I have developed a great respect for an… Read more »

Applying for a Small Business Loan

Small Business Administration statistics indicate that small business owner loan approvals are on the decline in 2012.  Fewer small businesses are being approved for loans and those that are approved typically receive less than the amount applied for.  Why is this? First, many business owners fail to understand that proper preparation is absolutely critical before applying… Read more »

Get cash for your business

Starting or growing a successful business can be a very arduous exercise when financing is involved. Even with the best of business ideas and products, you need a financial plan. Finding money to launch your business may seem like a major obstacle but there are many small business financing options for you to consider.  Here… Read more »

Must Read Holiday Tips

It seems like Cybercriminals come out from under their rocks during the holiday season.  According to a press release, McAfee has revealed the “12 Scams of Christmas,” the dozen most dangerous online scams this holiday season.  This is important stuff. It is a good idea to be aware of these scams – it is amazing… Read more »

Connect with your customers during the holiday season.

Many small businesses find that it is tough to market during the holiday season.  The thought is that customers are busy with holiday activities and aren’t interested is what your company does. You may want to think about ways of connecting with customers on things they can feel good about. Many people pay attention to companies that… Read more »

Make a video? Why not?

Small business owners can benefit from using web videos as a source of advertising for their companies.  Yesterday, having a video was just a kind of neat thing for your web site.  Today, experts all agree that not having a video puts you at a competitive disadvantage. Making videos can be inexpensive.  Some business owners… Read more »


Here’s a revelation for you: businesses suffer when their owners and/or managers make poor decisions. Obvious, isn’t it? But I see situations often wherein decisions are made without regard to their short- and long-term ramifications. For example, are all of your people the right people for the functions they perform? A person’s “fit” isn’t always… Read more »