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Your Exit Strategy

If you are thinking (or should be thinking) about exiting your business, now is the time to begin working on your exit strategy. Unfortunately, this is new territory for the vast majority of business owners. Many have concerns about the value of the business and very few know how to start the exit process. Finally, some… Read more »

Award Winning Author and Inc. Magazine’s Editor-at-Large Bo Burlingham to Keynote B2B CFO’s Annual Meeting

B2B CFO, the nation’s largest CFO and Exit Strategies firm for privately held businesses, announced today that award winning author and Inc. Magazine’s Editor-at-Large, Bo Burlingham will keynote the National Partners Meeting to be held April 28-30, 2016. The invitation-only annual event that brings together all of B2B CFO’s Partners from across the country along… Read more »

Entrepreneurship, Investing, and the 6th Law of Wealth and Abundance

This chapter of Ron Willingham’s book, “The Ten Laws of Wealth and Abundance” brings out some very important concepts for entrepreneurs and investors.  As the U.S. recovers from the current economic problems (and it will!),  entrepreneurs and investors will have an opportunity to build their busnesses and holdings.  Solid financial and investment fundamentals will help them… Read more »

Managing Cash Flow Complexities – Part 5: Cash vs EBITDA

At a recent risk management seminar, one of the participants spoke about how their controller received an email from the CEO of their company asking him to wire transfer some funds for that day.  What the controller didn’t know is that someone had hacked into the company’s email system, and had been monitoring the style and timing of the… Read more »

Managing Cash Flow Complexities – Part 4: Transition Planning

Transition Planning. In high school, my brother and I would go down to the ASU campus late at night to play racquetball at the three-wall outdoor courts (these courts have been gone for years).  We played from 10pm until about 2 or 3am in the morning, mainly to escape the summer’s heat… and also because… Read more »

Managing Cash Flow Complexities – Part 3: Establishing Priorities

Establishing priorities is critical to just about every facet of our lives.  I have a good friend who gained a lot of wealth by speculating in commodities futures.  Over many years he built up a lot of cash flow, but then in a short series of bad trades he lost just about everything in his life, including… Read more »

10,000 Small Businesses – A Great Resource for Entrepreneurs

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is a $500 million investment to help entrepreneurs create jobs and grow sales by providing greater access to education, financial capital, and business support services. The program currently operates in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia and Salt Lake City. It… Read more »

What in the World is T.E.E.M.M?

If you are a business owner, at some point in your life you will probably want to start thinking about this acronym –  T.E.E.M.M. (pronounced “team”).  Why?  Because at some point you may want (or need) to exit your business…either through a sale, the formation of an ESOP, passing it to your descendants, or by other means. There are several key… Read more »