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Do You Think You Need A CFO?

CFO Services

So many business owners wear ‘all the hats.’  While it may make sense because you know everything about your business, have you noticed that you are working in your business, instead of working on your business?  A CFO  plays a critical role as an advisor to a business owner to ensure that the business owner achieves his or her goals. …

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Do What’s Right, The Money Will Follow


When you think about success, what comes to mind? Is it how much money you have in the bank? Is it how many names are on your customer list? Is it your year-over-year growth in your business metrics? Is it how many friends you have? Is it that the family is happy and well cared for?…

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Quick Hitter: To Grow, Do Less – Accomplish More

Entrepreneurs can do most any task or function of their business.  Many times they started by doing it all – all by themselves.

A few essentials for business growth:

Build a strong team around you.

(“Come on, everyone knows this tell me something else”)

OK –

1. Allow them to take work off your plate.…

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Business Relationship Management – Demystifying The Banks

Business Relationship Management - Banking

Business Relationship Management – Is your banking relationship sound?

For many businesses, a good banking relationship can be the difference between modest or strong growth. Your banking relationship is much like any other relationship. You need to nurture it and it’s important to understand your banker’s point of view, business relationship management is critical.…

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The 5 Keys To Getting A Line Of Credit

Getting a Line of Credit is a big step for any business. It means you’re growing and need some additional capital to continue growing. Working with the bank will also give you an opportunity to better understand your business and gain a perspective on how people outside your company view your firm and industry.…

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