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Prepare Today- Storm Clouds on the Horizon

Life is good today, unemployment is low while sales and profits are up for many companies.  But, our economy is cyclical and there are already some dark clouds on the horizon that you should be thinking about and prepare for.  Here are two that are in the news almost every night. NAFTA – The potential… Read more »

Business Relationship Management – Demystifying The Banks

Business Relationship Management – Is your banking relationship sound? For many businesses, a good banking relationship can be the difference between modest or strong growth. Your banking relationship is much like any other relationship. You need to nurture it and it’s important to understand your banker’s point of view, business relationship management is critical. Hopefully,… Read more »

New Accounting Standards for Leases issued this past Thursday

On Thursday (February 25, 2016), the FASB issued the long-awaited new standards for leases.  According to a Journal of Accountancy article published yesterday: “FASB’s Accounting Standards Update No. 2016-02 will require lessees to report obligations for operating leases on the balance sheet for the first time.” If you are a business owner today, in most… Read more »