I was recently asked to provide Table Topics for my Financial Executives International (FEI) meeting. I hope that the topics that I suggested inspired lively conversation among the attendees, because they certainly inspired lively conversation between me and myself.

For example: “If you saw somebody commit an immoral or illegal act, such as stealing, would you report it?”

Absolutely! Getting caught, or (or not) doesn’t change the morality of an illicit act. The notion that “snitch” is a bad thing is abhorrent to me. It is imperative that moral people stand up for their principles. I also think that not reporting such an act is also pretty dumb. The person who did the stealing gets the benefit of having or using whatever he or she stole, while the witness doesn’t, but could likewise be subject to punishment should the act be exposed! As a business owner or operator, how would you feel toward an employee who was aware of another’s misdeed, but chose not to make you aware of it? You’d feel as if the witness was a conspirator, and certainly not committed to your best interests, wouldn’t you?

Any intelligent adult with a moral compass should feel the same way.

“Ten years ago, what did you want to be doing in ten years?”

You won’t believe it, but I wanted to be doing consulting work in Arizona.

In 2002, it had been a year or so since our friends Bob and Diane moved to The Valley of The Sun, and my husband and I had begun a long string of frequent visits that led us to the conclusion that this was where we wanted to live as well.

I was nearing retirement at The Bayer Corporation, and thought that, as so many of my former colleagues had done, I could use my unique background and experience to pursue a second career in consulting.

I completed the move in spring of ’08, and, after having spent a year or so as what my husband described as a “pool bunny”, began the process that led me to my position at B2B CFO®.

Voila! It’s 2012 and I am doing consulting work in Arizona.

Next Table Topic: “If the statement ‘Be careful what you wish for – it might come true.’ is in fact true, what have you wished for that came true?”

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