Sales Growth for Entrepreneurs

Need help in planning and executing sales growth opportunities in your small business? The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is a $500 million investment to help entrepreneurs create jobs and grow sales by providing improved access to education, financial capital, and business support services. The program currently operates in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Long Beach,… Read more »

Paying Attention in the Drive-Thru

Several years ago while vacationing in Anaheim with my wife and two children, I pulled the rental van into the fast food drive-thru lane and, hurriedly, began ordering the usual.  After a few minutes ordering sandwiches, fries and drinks… I heard a faint voice from a distance saying “Sir, I can’t hear you.”  So…still a… Read more »

How to Build Your Business Internationally

If you are searching for new markets for your products and services, consider looking outside the borders of the U.S. as well as within.   Doing business in a foreign country is not as daunting or risky as it may seem and there are plenty of experts who can help you get started.  The opportunities are… Read more »

Using Data Privacy as a Competitive Advantage

With the current news about data breaches at high profile companies, many companies are using their data security as a competitive advantage. In a recent article in the Journal of Accountancy, the senior editor reports: Data privacy doesn’t have to be an issue that keeps executives awake at night.  Companies can build trust if they give consumers… Read more »

COSO | Internal Controls | It’s a Miracle!

Growing up in the Phoenix area, there was a used auto dealership called “Miracle Auto.” At one point their advertising slogan was “If it’s a good car, it’s a miracle!” What does this mean? Were they trying to communicate that all of their cars were good…or was it truly a miracle if the car you… Read more »

Peeling a Banana

Let’s take a vote. How many of you…when you peel a banana, grab the stem first? Did you know that for some bananas it is much easier to open the banana from the other end? Just take and squeeze the end and it will open quickly. Many times in trying to solve complex business issues,… Read more »

Think Time

We all know that new ideas are needed if you are going to stay ahead of the competition.  But – it is really hard to come up with those ideas if you don’t have quality time to think.  For many of us, our days start with early meetings, the infamous – “let’s meet early for… Read more »

Health Insurance Tax Credit for Small Employers – Take a look in 2014

If you have a business or a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit with fewer than 25 full-time equivalent employees, you may want to take a closer look at the Small Employer Health Insurance Tax Credit. In past years, the maximum credit was 35% of the employer’s contribution toward the employees’ health insurance premiums.  If you had tried to calculate… Read more »

Execute the Fundamentals

Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  If you are reading my blog today – Feb 2, 2014 – well….. Great teams have one thing in common.  They consistently, every game, execute the fundamentals.  The Seahawks and Broncos demonstrated this throughout the season and in the playoffs. Note – next year for the Eagles. In football, blocking… Read more »

Exit Strategy Planning – Why & How

Every business owner knows that he or she will exit his/her business some day and, with luck, that will be a day of their choosing with enough income from the deal to live happily ever after.  That won’t happen for most business owners who will be looking to sell their business in the next 10-12… Read more »