CFO Magazine comments on B2B CFO

Vince Ryan, Editor-in-Chief, Digital Platforms has won 20 writing and editing awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors, including 8 national awards, attended our Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, April, 2015. “The B2B CFO [2015 Conference] was the best gathering of finance people I have attended in years.  The presentations were eye-opening, and my… Read more »

Managing Cash Flow Complexities – Part 5: Cash vs EBITDA

At a recent risk management seminar, one of the participants spoke about how their controller received an email from the CEO of their company asking him to wire transfer some funds for that day.  What the controller didn’t know is that someone had hacked into the company’s email system, and had been monitoring the style and timing of the… Read more »

Managing Cash Flow Complexities – Part 4: Transition Planning

Transition Planning. In high school, my brother and I would go down to the ASU campus late at night to play racquetball at the three-wall outdoor courts (these courts have been gone for years).  We played from 10pm until about 2 or 3am in the morning, mainly to escape the summer’s heat… and also because… Read more »

Managing Cash Flow Complexities – Part 3: Establishing Priorities

Establishing priorities is critical to just about every facet of our lives.  I have a good friend who gained a lot of wealth by speculating in commodities futures.  Over many years he built up a lot of cash flow, but then in a short series of bad trades he lost just about everything in his life, including… Read more »

Sam and the box of socks

A few years ago, I met a 9 year old who is part of our church family.  His name is Sam.  Sam’s parents at one time had been in financial trouble and were homeless for a short period of time.  So Sam decided that each Christmas he would collect new tube socks for homeless people.  At… Read more »

Can’t Get There From Here?

Many, or maybe most, of my clients are facing an impasse with their businesses, a brick wall if you will.  The dilemma is that for any of a number of reasons their companies are not capable of achieving the owner’s goals.  At B2B CFO® we say that companies in this situation are in the ‘danger… Read more »

Process Improvements Drive Profits

The title of this article could be “Does your company need a makeover of its internal processes?”.   That sounds like an episode of HGTV but it is really a good question for business owners because their goal is to maximize the value of their investment just as homeowners want to maximize the value of their… Read more »

Closing the Barn Door…

There is an old English idiom that says “Don’t bother closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.”  How many times have we thought about this after it’s too late? One essential component to an organization’s internal controls is a entity-wide cyber security policy.  Although the policy itself is essential, often there is a wide gap… Read more »