2013 is going to be a great new year

Happy New Year

I’m writing this blog on December 29th, 2012 and am looking forward to 2013 with truly a great deal of optimism despite the craziness of our politicians in Washington.  I understand where they are coming from and why it is so hard for them to reach compromise but I have the ultimate faith in the ingenuity, vision, and perseverance of the American people and of our business enterprise system.  I absolutely, positively believe the old adage that says “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.   So, based on that very primitive belief system I see a very bright and prosperous new year.

The spirit of America is embodied in the overall will of its people to make something better of their lives and to prosper and grow despite whatever challenges are thrown at them.  In fact, I believe that it is challenge itself and difficult obstacles that bring out the best in all of us.  I certainly like to be faced with challenges and opportunities to figure something out.  And, I think all of you who read this blog probably feel the same.  So, for that very reason I believe that regardless of the hurdles that are thrown at us by Washington, we (in a generic sense) will find a way to overcome them and prosper beyond our wildest dreams.

We are a nation of visionaries, doers, and drivers who will succeed because we have the freedoms and resources to win at whatever game we are playing.   In business that means building a profitable enterprise that has staying power and that is built on a solid foundation of; goals, well defined processes and procedures, controls, and capable, engaged staff members.  For non-profit organizations it means a clearly defined mission and purpose that is supported with a solid business management infrastructure and meaningful controls and reporting systems.

Helping for-profit businesses and not-for-profit organizations succeed and prosper is truly my passion.  I love it.  I love helping business leaders achieve and surpass their personal and professional goals and am truly grateful for the many wonderful clients I have today.  It is for them and for new clients I haven’t even met yet that I am excited for what 2013 will bring.

For those of you who don’t yet know me, here are some tips for starting the year out on the right foot:

  1. If your fiscal year ends December 31st make sure your accounting records are up to date and that every line on your financial statements is supported with the appropriate documentary evidence.
  2. If you don’t have a CPA for your organization, now would be an excellent time to find one to look over your accounting processes and financial statements to be sure things are in order.
  3. Plan for the future, i.e. 2013 and beyond.  Define your personal short and long term goals and define exactly how your business enterprise supports your personal goals.  This is really big. I can’t stress enough how important this effort is.  It is critical!
  4. If you don’t have an experienced financial professional to help you build your business, find one.  This is a bit self-serving since this is what I do and I would love to help you.  But whether it is me or someone like me, we can help in a big, big way.
  5. Now that your goals are defined, create a budget for 2013 that supports your goals.
  6. Plan on meeting with your financial advisor at least every month to understand where you are financially, where you are headed and what you need to do to get to your goals.

There is a lot more to be done in 2013 but these items are at the very top of my list of really important things to be done if one is to be successful.

With that, let me wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

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