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Who’s watching your Intellectual Property?

Small Mac Glasses

I realize this is an absolute trick question. The “who” I am referring to in this case is predominantly an internal who; however there are likely external parties following your Intellectual Property (“IP”). You can also bet those external parties aren’t necessarily looking out for your organization’s best interests.

Some may be looking to catch you in a lapsed mark or patent position.…

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Managing the Implications of Inventory Obsolescence

throwing cash out the window

As we approach the end of another calendar year, attention in Finance, Operations and executive management (and others) turns to year-end financial-reporting activities.

This is particularly true for manufacturers, who are required to justify inventory balances for impairment and inventory reserves (including obsolescence) for reasonableness.

Many hours can be spent trying to justify the appropriateness of inventory reserves with outside auditors. 

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All of the low-hanging fruit is gone; now what?


It seems like it might be a good problem to have.  But the lack of obvious process-improvement opportunities poses a real challenge for the typical finance/accounting department from the clerical level all the way up to executive management.

At various stages in my career I found myself in situations where the low-hanging fruit was everywhere. …

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Sep 5Phil Hoolehan

Is my organization acquisition-ready?

Sep 5Phil Hoolehan
Prepared for an acquisition?

Anyone who has participated in an acquisition process can certainly vouch for the level of excitement it can bring.

From the earliest phone calls describing the opportunity through the confirmation that the purchase amount wire transfer has been successfully received, acquisitions keep all involved actively engaged and consistently bringing their “A game” to the process. …

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Is my Strategic Plan really working?

Is your business strategy working?

“what strategic plan?”

If you are a business owner and you’ve answered “what strategic plan?” to the question above, you aren’t in a much different position from a business owner who answered “no”. And why isn’t your strategic plan working?  I would guess it is most likely related to the product lifecycle concept. 

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